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We've chosen a name for our new albino hedgehog.  Thank you to Haley for coming up with the name Gloria!  Please go to the "Hedgehogs" page and fill out the form if you know about Gloria's past.  A prize will be awarded to the correct story and it will be posted with credit to you.


We have some very exciting news for you all!  We have a new hedgehog that one of our Australian cows brought to us.  Here she is:
We are very excited to have her!  Unfortunately, she only speaks Guamish so she couldn't tell us her name.  We are looking for suggestions so write them in the comment box below.  Also, we need to find the perfect hat for her!  Below is a little bit about her to help you come up with a name and/or hat:

  • She is very timid
  • She likes to tiptoe on green pants
  • She is our first albino hedgehog
  • She has long attractive legs
  • She is easily scared especially from: blue spandex, men wearing skinny jeans, loofahs in the kitchen, and Sheldon
  • We actually found her eating broccoli (gasp) in a cardboard box
  • She is a girly hedgehog who eats soccer balls

If you have any more questions about our new hedgehog post them in the comments.

Yay! Hog Stuff is here! Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase yet :(  Check it out though!!!!!

From everyone at Hedgehogs Without Hats:

We'd like to thank you for your support (by that I mean the 3 people who have visited this site).  Please tell your friends, and by the way you left your guava at my house last night.