These are some friends of Hedgehogs without Hats.


Sheldon has been smacked 2 times in his life.

Sheldon went to law school to become a plastic surgeon, and has worked on superstars, hobos, and depressed clowns.

Sheldon's story

At law school, Sheldon's favorite teacher was a fork named Billy. Billy was a plastic surgeon so he smacked Sheldon and told him he was purple! Sheldon enjoyed that moment and he danced on a sink in a bathroom. It was decided that he would go eat pasta at DQ. While he was eating his pasta, he sneezed and suddenly realized that he was a Jamaican. From there, he went out to be a plastic surgeon and grew an exquisite and puffy mustache! As a plastic surgeon, he was smacked for the second time in his life by a woman he did a surgery on. He had apparently not learned enough at law school because the woman's left eye was now on her knee. Sheldon then met Arnold and stayed with him to help him with his sad love life!   


George is made fun of because of his tiny butt. 

George is very good friends with Ginakoo; they share toothpaste.

George's misfortune 

Unfortunately, George was born with a tiny butt. He was made fun of at school so he cried about his sister Telany, who washed their car. Ginakoo was a fairy, that is why she is overweight! One day in the forest, George found Ginakoo under a rock and Ginakoo made his butt proportional. Ginakoo and George had a slumber party and drank lots of ham. George is now famous because of a mole he drew on his forehead! To this day, George and Ginakoo are such good friends that they eat broccoli at banks. They both spend their free time ice skating with graceful elephants.