Noteable Events in Hedgehog History

  • 1754- Arnold and Jeneequa walk along their time machine
  • 1824- Arnold and Jeneequa make this website over mango chutney on their Mac
  • 1825.2- Sheldon was born on a raisin field in Guatemala
  • 1827- Sheldon invents the Guatemalan Fir
  • 1830- The Hedgehog Revolution begins
  • 1831- Hedgehogs wipe out entire guava population when fighting for ability to pogo stick in public
  • 1835- Hedgehogs gain their independence after killing everyone else
  • 1836- Hedgehogs start a new by making 3 colonies in Guam
  • 1839- Pepper the hedgehog starts famous book club (they read the story about magic pants)
  • 1841- Brittany Spears goes through a phase of chewing on papayas
  • 1847- After making peace with the guavas, hedgehogs invite them back to Guam
  • 1852- 4 hedgehogs are lost on a Disney Cruise (boat builders learn not to make cruise ships out of jello)
  • 1900- "Spike" a famous hedgehogs only disco club is started by Walter the rock
  • 1902- Dave gets his first spanking at school for eating his pants
  • 1905- Walter injures himself while doing the Macarana
  • 1917- Sheldon teaches Guatemalan Firs to sing in unison
  • 1928- Sheldon gets $3 scholarship to go to law school
  • 1940- Sheldon graduates at the bottom of his class
  • 1943- Sheldon performs his first surgery on a hobo's foot
  • 1957- Sheldon's favorite Fir tree dies (RIP Henry)
  • 1960- Orange popsicles go extinct because of over-heated Elmer's Glue
  • 1986- Mauve spandex is back in style!
  • 1994- Sheldon injures his neck while wearing an afro (he performed his own surgery and has recovered)
  • 2001- Hedgehogs find new means of transportation (rolling potatoes)
  • 2005- The first hedgehog is successfully placed on the moon
  • 2007- Cinnamon is put on toast for the first time
  • 2010- The first lemon is born on a coral reef under Siberia
  • 2011- Justin Bieber gets a new haircut (angry hedgehogs with bowl cuts rebel)

Photo Album

Sheldon's Birthplace

First Guava's to Come back to Guam

Justin Bieber with bowl cut

First Lemon

First pieces of Cinnamon Toast

Model of Potato car

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