For your information, I am not a kiwi, I am just a turquoise kumquat-a quote from Zoey Salgado  


This story is about me and a magic fish.

"Ding Dong" went the doorbell. It was my dad's friend, Joe, from work! We were going to go fishing. I hopped into the car and was ready to go. I had my blue, sparkly fishing pole and my lucky matching fishing hat. I was so excited. We finally got to the pond that was named pooshnakoo. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of something popping out of the water. I assumed it was a fish. I ran over to my dad to tell him about the fish, but before I got there, I sank into some goey and disgusting mud! I did not care because I love fishing. I got up and put some glow worms on my hook and lowered the pole into the water. I felt a tug! OMG, I was catching a fish, all by myself! I let out a screech and started to do a little dance. My dad came over because he heard the squeaky screech. I was really embarrassed because I was all muddy and doing a dance. I walked over to the bucket and dropped the fish in with a plop! It was pretty small and had boring and dull colors on it. Just as I put it in the bucket I heard "Zoey". I looked at my dad and asked, "What?" "I did not say anything". I was joking around, saying oh, it must be the fish. I heard it once more and i saw it's mouth move. My eyes grew huge and I stared at the aquatic mammal that talked. "So Zoey, I can grant you a wish!". I ducked my head low and thought about this "I would like to go see the Broadway Musical in New York, Wicked!" I whispered. I closed my eyes, then opened and it clicked in my head that I was staring at the Times Square electrical billboards. It was amazing! A taxi skidded next to me and the driver signaled for me to step in. Inside the cramped, yellow car, I looked up from my seatbelt to see a white glove. I knew who it was but I could not believe it. Michael Jackson!!!!!!!! It was very awkward, just sitting there silently, with MJ. I had to make a move so I held my breathe and slipped my hand in his like a key and a hole. We held hands the whole ride, we were there in a jiffy! When I got in the theater, I started to freak out, we were in the FIFTH ROW! I heard the play start and settled into my cushiony seat. Later in the play, the song Defying Gravity, was playing and suddenly, there was a flying monkey above my head. I got scared the fluffy creature was going to do it's business in my box of Rassinetts so I stuffed the choco-raisons into MJ"s pocket. Finally, the monkeys landed on the stage so I carefully took them out of his pocket. I popped one into my mouth. Why was it warm? EEEWWWWW! I closed my eyes at the end of the play and was back at the pond. What an ugly thing for something that is supposed to be magical. Wow, I smiled and skipped back to my dad, who said that I was only gone for five minutes! Ya o  k!           

The cactus I lived in.

JIMMMYYYYY!!!!! RIP. still don't know.

Where I, Zoey, Used To Live!

I used to live in a cactus, I lived here with my boyfriend, Jimmy. Jimmy is an owl. The cactus was pointy but we still had our first kiss on top of the cacti. We then fell off because of the pointedness! Then I accidentally stepped on Jimmy's right wing. He then was hit by a bus and died. RIP Jimmy :(.     The sad face has a mole. Hee Hee. P.S. I really don't know what RIP means, so anyone who knows please answer the poll questions or blog it! What is it????? I am now frustrated. It does not bring me great joy. What does it mean: Jimmy ripped his pants, ripped his papaya, guava, hedgehog.   Panties????? Sorry I spilled your secret Jimmy. Anyway, it does not matter that Jimmy died because this guy Mark Zocco came to my rescue. Yay him. Then he carried me into the sunset, riding Oreo, my dog.