Thanks for visiting!  If you're new, below is a brief summary of our amazing mission.  Also, you'll find all kinds of fun stuff so keep your eyes open at ALL times (that's right, you can't blink)!!!!

Our Work

This is a foundation that works to provide homeless hedgehogs with fashionable hats for the springtime.

If you would like to assist us, we enjoy receiving hats, mangoes, and ostrich eggs.

This website is not for everyone.  Some side effects are: seeing shih-tzu heads in your toilet, dry mouth, nausea, and angry pimples screaming at you from your face.

This organization was started in 1824 by Arnold Meeka and his imaginary girlfriend Jeneequa Shome.  They were walking along their time machine, and noticed orphaned hedgehogs on tiny pool floats.  They were so devastated by the sight, that they decided to do something about it.  So, they created this website on their Mac computer while eating mango chutney in 1754.  His girlfriend drank asparagus juice because it gave her premonitions.  The result of this snackage was this foundation.  The imaginary couple went on to have 42 children, and started HFCA (hedgehog foster care and adoption).  They adopted 500 hedgehogs, and fostered 200.  They also had a turtle named Sheldon, who went through law school to become a plastic surgeon.

Sheldon wanted you to know that this is all a dream, so do not go in the ocean with your yoga pants on in the fall time, and do not donate.