Are you having troubles with love???

Go to tips for a better life and go to things to say to your crush!!! These quotes will DEFINITELY help you in your love life. Too bad Arnold Meeka didn't have this feature in his time to help him!


What is the name of our new hedgehog?????? Gloria! Check out the blog page and see the info on Gloria.

Are New Pages On The Way?

Rumor has it that there have been huge changes to hedgehogswithouthats.weebly.com!  This is TRUE!!!!  We will definitely be adding exciting and cool things to our website!  We have added on this news page, a fun game page, history, polls, a blog (Please leave comments and show who you are on contacts).  Please read Zoey's Bedtime Stories. Want 'hog apparel????  Keep checking in and you never know when they'll come! Do you hate reading boring school-assigned books????  Loopie Coop animated books are now on the website!   Check the News Page every day for upcoming events.